asm speakers

The College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand would like to thank our Speakers for their invaluable contribution to our 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Professor Chad Ball
Dr Nicola Curry
Associate Professor Samuel Galvagno
Dr Jonathon Ball
Professor Stephen Bernard
Associate Professor Craig French
Dr Paul Goldrick
Dr Anthony Holley
Dr Adam Holyoak
Associate Professor Lindy Jeffree
Professor Roy Kimble
Dr Emile Kurukchi
Miss Kate Martin
Dr James McKay
Dr Zoe McQuilten
Professor Mark Midwinter
Dr Elissa Milford
Dr John O'Neill
Dr Ben Parkinson
Dr Peter Pereira
Dr Andrew Potter
Dr Stephen Rashford
Professor Michael Reade
Dr Lucian Roseverne
Associate Professor Dianne Stephens
Professor Andrew Udy
Associate Professor Kirsten Vallmuur
Dr James Winearls
Dr Roxanne Wu